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What To Wear To Pets & People Photo Shoot and Planning for your Photo Session

People always ask, “What do I wear for my photo session"? It is a very important consideration and it is totally “blog worthy” so I’ll spend a few minutes here to answer this question for my clients. This way you can start planning your attire for the photo session early in case you feel the need to conduct some “retail research” to acquire some new clothes.  And please feel free to call me to discuss any questions you may have and be sure to send me a photo of the outfit (s) you plan to wear. The goal is for YOU to be the main subject of the photograph, not the outfit you wore that day.

Whether our photo session will be a pets & their people photo session, graduate photo session, or a family photo session wear clothes and shoes that you are comfortable in. Your photograph should be a reflection of who you are. If you are casual and informal person, choose clothing that reflects that. If this is a business headshot, wear an outfit that reflects your line of work during a typical day for you. If we are doing a lifestyle session with your weight lifting pal like Brett Sears below, then wear your work out gear! If you are comfortable in the attire you selected, if it truly reflects who you are as a person, you will feel at ease and confidant and your images will reflect that!

20160910_Rick  Ares-8X10.jpg

FABRICS: Think about how the fabric will look when you get out of the car after sitting for the drive over. Will it be creased and wrinkled? If your eyes can see something whether it is a crease or a spot, the camera will definitely incorporate the flaw into your photograph.

Wear solid, muted colors so you are the focus of the photograph. In general it is best to avoid large patterns, zigzag prints and stripes. There are always exceptions. One exception would be a fashion themed photo shoot, or a photo session of children in their school uniforms or team sports uniforms. One technique I like for a group photo is to plan for one person to wear a colorful print top or jacket and for the other group members to choose solid colors to compliment or "pick up" a color in the pattern.

Wear similar colors for your shirt and pants (skirt) both dark or both light so one portion of the outfit is not too obvious.

For group photographs think categories of colors: everyone in a jewel tone (dark green, royal blue, burgundy) or lighter tones (beige, khaki, olive green, denim). If you have been waiting to “lose 10 pounds before your photo session” but that has not happened wear clothes that fit but don't try to hide in baggy clothing.  If your clothes fit without pulling at the buttons, snaps and seams and flaring out at the pockets your photograph will look fine.

Avoid turtleneck, high collar tops or bright scarves around the neck and shoulders. This attire draws the viewer’s eyes away from the face in the photograph.

Select clothing that is free of stains, tears and that fits well. If you can see a discoloration and stain on a piece of clothing so will the camera! Look at the outfit in the mirror and make sure that the buttons close easily and the fabric is not pulling around any of the buttons. If your waist and pockets will be in view, be sure that the pants pockets lay flat and don’t flare out.

Choose a shirt with sleeves to the elbow so that our attention is on your face. Sleeveless photographs do work for children.

HOES: Dark, closed toe shoes and dark solid sock (or no socks) looks best in a photograph. Be sure you are comfortable in your footwear. If you wear heels all the time, then let’s take your photograph in heals! 

I recommend long pants for men and ladies or a skirt below the knees for the ladies so you will be able to move around comfortably and so your legs do not draw attention away from your faces.

HAIR, MAKE-UP, AND ACCESSORIES: If you are planning a haircut, schedule it for 2 weeks before you photo session. Style your hair the way you always do and bring a brush and hairspray with you. I recommend that ladies wear the same amount of make-up that they would normally wear when they go out. There is no need to wear extra for your photo session. If you normally wear dramatic make-up I recommend that you arrive to your photo session with less make-up than normal, but bring your make-up bag along with you. We will take a few photographs with the "less-than normal amount" of make-up. After that photograph you can do a quick touch-up and we can take a few more images of your more typical look. Moving to the topic of accessories I think Annie at Paint The Moon has the best advice, “…think outside the box. Scarves, hats, flowers in the hair for girls, jewelry, sweaters, vests, jackets can make an image feel more complete”. Annie also advises that accessories and layers can be changed during a photo session to create different looks.

For some additional ideas be sure to check out the blog written by Vanessa at Style and Shenanigans Photography